Terms & Conditions in short

    General terms Of Appointment.

    The lighting designers will not be responsible for electrical engineering or installation skills.

    The clients contractor or electrical engineer shall be responsible for ensuring that the proposed design can be installed within the framework of the existing electrical services.

    The Lighting Designers shall not be responsible for any changes in their final drawings and specifications, which have not been notified or approved by them. Such changes may include variations in layouts, the quality or quantity of light fittings or substitutions by wholesalers or manufacturers.

    The Lighting Consultants will use there best endeavours to ensure that the equipment specified is suitable for intended use but will not be responsible for errors, equipment failures and delays caused by manufacturers, contractors, shippers, installers or users.

    The Lighting Consultants are not responsible for a contractor’s failure to carry out the construction in a workmanlike manner or in accordance with contract documents and manufacturers recommendations.

    Requests for additional re-design work after Stage 2 shall be assessed in conjunction with client, and may incur further design fees.

    The Lighting Consultants shall maintain professional indemnity insurance, covering professional liability.