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What we do


  • Lighting Design Consultant

  • Bring solid technical lighting acumen

  • Industrial Lighting Design

  • Retail Lighting Design

  • Exterior Lighting Design

  • Interior Lighting Design

  • Architectural Lighting

  • Residential Lighting Design

  • Restaurant Lighting






How we work


  • Lighting Design Practice that offers a flexible, use what you need approach

  • Add fresh ideas, creates mood and atmosphere

  • Bring sensitive lighting design technique to architectural and landscape projects

  • Save you energy through careful use of good design

  • Add value to your project

  • Work as part of the design team or independently

  • Compliment the interior space










Why us


  • Independent

  • Award nominated design

  • Flexible approach

  • Fast reliable service

  • Experience in many lighting arena




LIMELUMEN LTD Company Number : 08676383 Registered in England. South Cheam, London.